Oppdaterte treningstider


A new “normal” training schedule is attached and becomes effective immediately (unless your coach has communicated otherwise). Questions, comments or concerns related to the the schedule should be directed to your lead coach. concerns. This new schedule highlights modifications made to the schedule distributed .

Treningsplan 3.0 (revidert 20.08.18)

Out of necessity, adjustments have been made to the original scheduled (distributed 16.07.18). Our intend was to make minor changes, which wehope will not be problematic for families/athletes.

There are a few specifics which should be noted…
—Friday, Saturday, Sunday offer a rotational schedule which is based on odd vs. even numbered weeks, with corresponding times, for each, included.
—Friday afternoons we be experimenting with something new, as we abandon normal group structure and as we we combine various groups and/or athletes together to form new groups. These Friday groupings will look as follows…
GROUP 1 – Elite Senior + select Elite Junior/Speed Elite
GROUP 2 – Elite Junior/Speed Elite (not in GRP 1) + Elite Ung-blue
GROUP 3 – Elite Ung-red + KONK
GROUP 4 – Start + Intro

With these new groupings we will get to know different athletes and different coaches in fun, learning centered environment. We hope this arrangement will help advance technical development, strengthen bonds between teammates and coaches, promote individual feelings of belonging and team pride… ultimately we hope enhance performance while having a lot of fun!

We wish we had been able to distribute this much sooner, unfortunately some of the factors necessitating change, we only learned about last week.


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